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Khrystyna Dudok

The guys helped as much as they could. In my situation it was impossible. Thank you!


Malyuta Ulyana Volodymyrivna

Thanks to the specialists of the "Private Detective Lviv" detective agency, I unexpectedly received a positive result in my case, for which I am very grateful and can recommend them as good specialists. More benefit to people, and may luck not leave you.

city of Lviv, +380979053841 , , , , https:/ /

Yulia Shcherbakova

I thank the agency "private detective Lviv" for the work done. The task with which I applied was completed quickly, efficiently and effectively. This agency employs hardworking and conscientious specialists! Thank you very much for helping me and my family to solve the problem that worried us.
Best regards, Yulia Shcherbakova, Moscow, +79262001402

Roman Goshchuk

I contacted the agency in a difficult situation. My task was to find a person in a foreign country for me, a person about whom I had very little information, who did not have a permanent job, a permanent place of residence of family and relatives or friends. A person who does not get in touch and is non-contact. Despite the high level of complexity of the task about the agency's work, I can say the following: 1. Efficiency and conciseness - all service packages are simple and intuitive 2. Excellent price / quality ratio - the cost of services is more than democratic, given their composition and complexity 3. Complete anonymity - there is no need to indicate personal data and draw up any formal documents, any personal information of the client (for example, in a review) is published only with the consent of the client. This makes it difficult to advertise the agency, but protects the interests of its clients. I went to publish my personal data out of appreciation for the quality of the agency's services. 4. Result - in my case, the work was divided into 2 parts - preliminary search, which revealed to me the complexity of the task and gave me some additional data on the object. The final result (a few months after the preliminary one) - quickly and efficiently - I found a person, having arrived in a city that is alien to me, getting off the plane and having only the contacts of the agency in my hands. I met with the one whom I myself had been looking for unsuccessfully for about six months within an hour after paying for the agency's services. According to the agency's employees, the searches were difficult, and different people had to be involved. I am grateful to the agency for the work done and, if it is necessary to receive business services for objects in Ukraine for commercial purposes, I will continue to use their services.

Roman Goshchuk, Analyst, Chisinau, Moldova, +37369535152, , ,


Thanks to the detective company private detective for helping me find out the truth! It’s been three years since I chatted with a girl from Lviv on the Internet, WhatsApp sent photos to each other and then, then .. love relationships and then, but how much did it get to meet her all the time she excused herself with the pretext that she had a husband and that she would divorce and then .. a private detective contacted the company and for two days the guys found information about her that the photo turns out to be all fiction she is actually an ugly adult aunt scam .. sent me a report with all the details for which I am very grateful to the private detective company. !

thank ! +380968073068 ,

Oleg Pianov

Adorable! No words. Task completed without having to specify a phone number grandfather, which I, unfortunately, was not. Many thanks.

 +447948373139 , +442082416857 , , скайп: olegpianov

Sreda Natalia Nikolaevna

I would like to thank the agency for their hard work. I needed to find a person whom I knew only a mobile phone number. I turned to this agency and did not regret it, although it took a lot of time to find this person. I am very grateful to the agency and in the future, if there are problems, I will only contact here.

Lviv, +380676702761 , ,

Marina Rubenstein

I would like to express my deep gratitude to this detective agency for the work done. I do not want and cannot disclose all the details of my question, but I needed information on one person. We did everything on time, we didn't have to wait. Thanks again for the hard work done!

+380680610836 , ,


Some time had to live with her husband in the distance, we trust each other, but after a while my husband began to lead spbya strange way, ignoring for several days zasizhivatsya restaurants to night. The husband did not say the address where he lives, was not sure about alres work. Immediately there was a thought that he had the other. Thanks to the agency were monitored more output, causing it turned out that her husband was not lying, and all the information that I reported sootvetsvovala reality. Was determined work and home address, which then also coincided with the fact that the husband says. Thank Agency for clear evidence of observations. You make life safer ....


Hello, I want to thank all the experts in your agency for profisionalizm, efficiency, and excellent attitude towards customers! Mine business in Ukraine Mr. Volodymyr involved than I really zadovolennyy.Ya worked abroad through Inet met a girl who clung to my liking. from the first day she zhalilasya problems with zdorovyam.Ya naively believed that without the help selfish girl who got into bidu.Ya about it neznav nothing but the name and surname, a few days later I found out about it vse.Vyyavylosya that she cheats, but now I feel better because I know it will pravdu.Nam to talk about! need you people! Thank you all and especially to Mr Vladimir, let you schastyt.Uspihu in your hard work! Regards Vladimir.

Anton V.

Sometimes invest their own funds in start-up and feed the hope of the firm. But one day, I circled around her finger, ran into a scam. Do not want to get back into the same trap. So when six months later again decided to buy a few shares of one company turned to the agency "Private detective Lviv", there to find out how a young company honestly does business. Intuition tells me that it's crooks and confirmed. Detectives have helped me save money from losses. Now, before making important investment decisions I turn into lions and get all the necessary information. On the face of the result - revenues are steadily growing.

Family Kvashino

In the last two months, I was very worried for her son. First, he stopped smiling, became taciturn and almost stopped calling on people, it was clear that he is going through something for. We began to ask what had happened, he was silent, anything thought up to them to use drugs. Time for something that would keep us there was no work, and the other little girl, and he could see us. It was necessary to seek the services of private detective agencies Lions. It turned out that the older kids stick to his son and taken money from him, intimidated, that he did not tell. The bastards! The husband would have to deal with them myself, but detectives talked him out. After all, they gave us a video, and it was irrefutable proof. We decided, let now the parents of these children also will answer, just so educate their children. We went to the police and forced to offenders and their parents to answer for their actions. Son did not say anything, they decided not to injure. After some time again we have come to recognize our habitual smiling Andryushka, he again began to enjoy life. But such psychological injuries as a child, and then affect all life. Therefore, it is important to understand what was happening. Thank you for all private investigators, because the police would not understand.


Hello! I recently got a result and was pleased with the work and professionalism of your staff. Yet there is something necessarily going to continue to work with you. Hopefully, if need be operational information from Moldova or Romania, you contact me. I will be glad to help you. Sincerely, your colleague


Many thanks for your work difficult - let God help you.

Grateful client

A huge thank you, as well, and your team for a very comprehensive answer. You helped me a lot, will be glad to contact you for further assistance. Thank you and Happy New Year! Everything has been received, phoned. Since you are very pleasant to deal with!

Reviewed by working in Turkey

Many people believe that too many detective agencies charge for their services. Here I want to reassure them of his history of his own life experience. Believe me, the money is not a pity if after all that comes the peace of mind I set my wife with her friends for a vacation in Turkey, and he could not go to work. And here the first day it started. I can not work, all I think about how stories happen on vacation, it is no secret that many women allow themselves to rest. I thought idea how it will come and will quietly look me in the eye, like a bud nothing happened. How to know the truth, because it abroad?. I began to look stupid sag on the Internet, as if he could not solve my problem. And then I came across a detective agency. I learned that many of them have such a service, and they are abroad to look after my girl. Of all the agencies I chose "private detective Lions", it was closer to my place of residence. This service is not cheap, and I was afraid to "plunge" and lose money, but I was convinced and I decided to take a chance to send payment in advance. The next time the agency has appointed executor of tasks. Leaders were sympathetic to the problem, the staff calmly answered my questions from them may seem quite silly. As a result, I have written report with photos, on which my girlfriend is on vacation, and did not invented, and coincides with sms on her own. The information I received, very important for me, as I am very suspicious people. And it has dispelled all my doubts and gave me peace of mind. I am grateful to the agency "Private detective Lions", his professional team. Moreover, they worked so that his wife nothing guessed. And the money - God bless them, still earn, believe me, I've got a lot more. In which case - I advise to contact the "Private Detective Lviv" - are all real and fair.


Thank you "Private Detective Lviv!" Finally I got rid of my nightmare! Anonymous sent me six months various threats in the mail. Your detectives quickly found that hacks. It appeared to be just insane!


On the road, my husband ran into avtomoshennikov, which provoked an accident. With her husband began to demand payment of substantial repair their BMW. The amount has been impressive. We turned to the "Private Detective Lviv" for help in finding eyewitnesses. They have been found! After this, the court acquitted her husband. And now the scammers will answer in full, against them a criminal case. Thank detective agency, well, now there's such services!

Family Vassiliev

I went to work and my husband and I decided to hire a nanny. Probably every mother I understand that my child scared to trust a stranger. As she feeds him, walks like him, all the while looking to him? After all, if the nurse is not bona fide, that the child may have something happen. After all, he is only 2 years. I am very worried. Then my husband and I decided to apply to the agency "Private detective Lions", he found a site on the Internet. They have such a service, they were secretly watching the nanny. I must say that we were satisfied with their work - just load off my mind, our nanny we have no more complaints! It's nice that we made the right choice!

Alexander Ivanov

Our company was found major theft. Management decided to check all employees without exception lie detector. To this were invited detectives agency "Private detective Lions." Everything went quietly and efficiently, and the perpetrators were immediately identified. Thanks to this agency, now honest employees is suspected.

Thanks from parents

We took a story. Every mother will understand me. When the son brings some slut in the house and you can see right through her. But the son of either you or the father does not want to listen, slams the door. I had to go to the detectives. It turned out that this 20-year-old girls stained past, it was kicked out of modeling agency for being lured customers. And not only customers and employees too. We are so grateful to the staff of the private agency "Private detective Lions", which are very tactfully managed to crank this thing. Son, of course, poperezhivat, but now calmed down.


I am grieved at the death of my mother, so when after six months came to me a strange old man and said that he was my father, I was so happy. However, my relatives and friends have pulled down. After all, my father, I never saw my mother told me that he had died long ago. A man came to the house said that I like a daughter to help him. He needed money for an operation. And then I suspected cheating, I was advised to contact the agency familiar "Private Detective Lviv". Following the inspection agency staff, all of this was a fraud, and the man - a fraud. Many thanks to the agency! Will no longer be so trusting.


My story is also typical of our time. The peculiarity is that the things my son began to disappear from the house. The needs we can not have, being provides us his father. I began to torment this strange situation speculated was thinking about drugs, and I immediately turned to you for help to the agency. After making your detective work, thankfully, my fears were confirmed. But, the problem was in the other, and neither one of those "nice." According to the results was established that was playing in a casino, and put up things from the house to pay off the debt. After you learn the truth repaid debts son, have successfully applied educational activities. The result is obvious - realized and more these games is not interested.


I found myself in a situation that required intervention. About a week at home began to receive phone calls about the change of my husband. I had to resort to the experts of your agency with a request for verification of this information. These data have not been confirmed, but you need to know who called and what is pursued by these calls? If further testing revealed that it was one of the officers of my husband, who wanted so destroy our marriage. But with your help, it failed.


The grounds for appeal to the experts of your agency served as a rather unpleasant history with my bank e-card. I did not lose it, but it was lost a significant amount of money. I was tormented by doubts, it turned out that the suspect got my favorite people, there was no one more suspect ... It remains a mystery how the detectives failed to explain your situation and find out the incredible truth. In the presence of friends and for its needs associated with the operation, I was charged the amount of money. It turns out that was installed on the ATM camera, record the withdrawal of money. As it turned out, this was the work of my "friends", now the former.


Because of the circumstances in our family, the problems, I had to ask for help and services in your detective agency. Changed the behavior of her husband and his attitude towards me, some situations it is difficult to assess. My husband has a successful business, well-provided, until recently a family, but lately his psychological state is very different. Since the nature of the secretive and closed, talking to resolve fails, threatened over our marriage. Could only speculate, that the financial turmoil or love problems? At the critical moment I realized that I need to get the information, which she was not. We need to act. Agreeing with your detective, I quickly found out why. Within a short time my husband still had a love affair with his secretary, after which she remained pregnant. She began to blackmail him, threatening to tell, and we have been the intention to breed. When I learned the bitter and unpleasant truth, on reflection, I forgave him. After we completed in the life of so many, so many experienced. I was able to forgive him, our family fell apart, financially husband helps her child.

Inna V.

My husband and I have lived all my life, have reached retirement age before, and suddenly he tells me that he has another woman. I do not attempt to detain him, but decided all know who, where, the goal? It was hard to believe what or feelings of her, my husband has a whole bunch of diseases, looks older than his age, and she is a lady of thirty. After your agency collected all the information, the picture was quite clear. On account of this lady is not the only one treated the old man as my husband. She is professionally robbing unsuspecting elderly. Thanks to your agency managed to catch her, my husband still lives with me.


Feeling the need for the services of a private detective (suspicions of infidelity of his wife), I had to resort to them. All confirmed, his wife became a "former". And the agency honor and respect.

Gennady V.

I have a well put your business in the field of construction, very much value our reputation and customers. But, for some time lucrative contracts literally just went out from under his nose. At stages miscalculation, every approvals - all right, the last stage of all burst like a soap bubble. Naturally, some doubts have crept in, and fears. So I compared the facts and decided to check it out with the help of a detective agency for misconduct of employees. After this work was found leaked. All resolved and we are now the order, as in the old days.


Many thanks to the art of the agency that helped me find my childhood friend, that all my life I tried to find A link we had lost a child, when her parents moved out of my town. The meeting was warm and pleasant, we wept, when we saw each other. I can not put into words how I will benefit


Being outside of our country, I found myself in the extremely sensitive position that you do not want to sound ... and now it was necessary to solve the problem urgently. After reviewing the services of a private detective agency, has decided to seek help from your specialists. After the phone call, made a payment to the account of the agency. To be honest, there were some doubts about how to proceed. But I should not have doubted you guys so effectively helped in my non-standard issue, for which many thanks to him, especially Alex. It should be noted that after the execution of the order, called and were interested in the quality of the work done, and asked for a written estimate, review whether the comments and suggestions. Employees are worried about the image of the agency and its face.

Sergei Petrovich

With a private detective agency "Private detective Lions' our company has successfully cooperated for a fairly long period of time in the field testing of our staff. During the period of our work we have received information on employees and their actions, that really helped us to assess them. I recommend to use the services of the departments of Human Resources, as an indispensable partner.

Julia Andriivna

At one time, could not figure out where lost my son after school, thought he was lying to me. Tried to figure it out through classmates and friends, but with no result. Now I understand that you need to contact the professionals of the business. Found out only by agency staff that his son was preparing a surprise for me: a master gift. To do this, he went to his friend, who had stanochek. I was worried for nothing, and he could not tell me. Thanks to this agency, knowingly sought.

Julia S.

I want to thank the staff of the agency, experts in data recovery. It so happened that I accidentally lost nearly all the valuable information for me with a laptop and no longer hoping to restore it back.


My car was stolen and I had already lost all hope of finding him. I wrote a statement to the police a few months ago, and the car was never found. And then, when I was nothing on hoping, friends advised me to turn to private detectives. I turned to the detective agency "Private detective Lions" and was very pleasantly surprised when I soon found my car in a different city for 500 km from here. Thank you very much to all the specialists for professional work and efficiency.

Family Raven

Like to express our gratitude for the assistance that can not be overstated. The fact is that before Easter we robbed. They took valuables, money, jewelry. Among the items was a particularly precious family heirloom, handed down from generation to generation for many years. On it we felt sorry for the most. So, we went to the police, wrote a statement. We were told that a very low probability that the crime will be solved. Friends advised us to contact the detective agency, and the sooner, the better. When we turned to the "Private Detective Lviv", they said that they would try to find a relic and will do everything that depends on them. Fortunately, they were able to return all the stolen items and our family heirloom, which is very expensive to us. The thieves did not have time to realize stolen. Most of all, I liked that a detective agency, we do not make empty promises, many thanks for your work!


I want to write about their stories and thank the investigators who participated in my life. More recently, life seemed a nightmare. Five years ago, our beloved son was born. I know that people can be angry and jealous, but that so .. I'll start in order. We came out of the hospital, and on the lawn in front of our house and the blood of some satanic signature. I was very scared and told her husband to call the police. Well, they arrived, checked in our case, they said that this act of vandalism. Well, that's all. If everything. A week later, near our house someone dead birds scattered. Again, call the police. It is an act of honey agarics it. Then we took turns on duty to find someone who does. As the weeks, months, but no one appeared. Once our boy got sick and we went together to the hospital. Thank God nothing serious with the kid, and we returned home. Returning discovered that someone had once again scattered the dead birds, and even burn out the door on some signs, pictures blood. I was frightened in earnest. Persuaded her husband to move to another city. But there was all going on. We fear for our boy, for what it reflected badly on his psyche. The police do not help us, only acts of vandalism was, in short, very little attention. One time we were helped by friends, were on duty outside the house, but one could never predict when it will happen. And then someone advised us to go to a private detective agency. I must say that we have addressed in several detective agencies and we do not all believe, said that we cheat ourselves, aggravate the situation. But the agency "Private detective Lions" to us concerned with understanding and very delicately. Soon we got the result and very excited when we saw a picture of my ex-boyfriend, with whom I broke up long before my wedding because she learned that he was suffering from mental illness. Now it will be forced to treat. And for us, thank God, this mosquito has ended. Many thanks to detective agency.

Tanya Andreeva

Good day! I want to thank the detective agency "Private detective Lviv" I have been working freelance, I write the lyrics. Once dropped a large order, this month you can earn thousands of dollars. When I did the work - customers are gone and my contacts did not respond. This is not the first time that I had been deceived, and I have the order to "get" this situation. The fact that the prepayment give do not want will require prepayment - generally do not get anything. Then I decided to ask the detectives know that they can calculate the individual. After all, they think the book work anonymously and no physical location does not find. But detectives have worked well. Thanks to them, I got my money and made and what it takes to defend their rights. Now his fellow freelancers will advise you to contact.

An anonymous client

There was a time when I thought that I was being followed everywhere. Then I thought I was losing my mind. I felt that I was being followed and at work, at home and even in your own car. I would like to ask for help from a psychologist. As it turned out later - were cause for concern. I am very afraid for the service information that was secret and I was afraid that someone finds her. I do not know how, but I got on the internet site of detective agency "Private detective Lions" and saw that you can check the office, home, machine for listening devices, so to speak bugs. Ordered this service and waited for agency staff. They tested long, I already thought that nothing and really crazy. But in the end it was employees of the agency found a lot of bugs, my fears were not in vain, my intuition did not fail me. Many thanks to the staff agency for the service, now I will not worry about their secrets.


Referring to the detective agency "Private detective Lions", I was able to bring a spouse (now former) to clean water, and so would have lived so far in the dark. Although, of course, every woman feels when her husband is cheating. But none of your friends will not tell about it, and I think it's better though bitter truth, but be aware. Secretly, of course I was hoping that the result will be different, I'm just jealous. But detectives during the week I opened my eyes to the truth, giving me pictures and videos. I was shocked, I did not expect from him, as I've done for him. The only thing why I experienced bliss, when it showed him the pictures, because he lied to me all the time and thought that it always will go away with it. But now we broke up and I'm starting to learn to live in a new way. Thanks once again to the staff of the agency.


Interested in one organization and would like to invest money in it. Advertising, of course, was such that it did not reproach, but intuition tells me: here's the catch. How to find out about us? I decided to go to Detective Agency Private Detective Lviv, friends suggested. It turned out that intuition did not fail me, I would have dissolved as lohushku. Thank detective agency that stopped me from misstep.

Vladimir Alexandrovich

Began to question the business partners. For a long time did not apply to the detective agency did not believe that this can be a result. And yet, when I decided, I was amazed urgency of the detectives. After three days later I got the result. Within a week, a team of detectives agency "Private detective Lions" show me the whole essence of my partners. Many thanks to the whole team of professionals for their good work.

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I am grieved at the death of my mother, so when after six months came to me a strange old man and said that he was my father, I was so happy. However, my relatives and friends have pulled down. After…


Yulia Shcherbakova

I thank the agency "private detective Lviv" for the work done. The task with which I applied was completed quickly, efficiently and effectively. This agency employs hardworking and conscientious specialists!…


Oleg Pianov

Adorable! No words. Task completed without having to specify a phone number grandfather, which I, unfortunately, was not. Many thanks.

 +447948373139 , +442082416857 ,…



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