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Any matters with a detective agency "Private detective Lviv" Chervonograd


Any matters with a detective agency «Private detective Lviv» Chervonograd


Today to receive the support of experts in various areas of life do not need to visit several organizations. If you need both a psychologist and a lawyer, or will need to have your fingerprints and undergo a polygraph test , then you can safely call in our detective agency " Private detective Lviv", which also works in Cervonograd .

We originally were intended to have the maximum opportunity to help anyone who needs it . People turn to us businessmen who need to inspect the premises to identify the bug , and we call housewives who just impatient to seek order to identify her husband's infidelity , who allegedly went on a business trip . Therefore, we do not put any restrictions except one - we work exclusively in accordance with the law, and never take up the order which is unlawful .

The experience of our staff

Each of our private detective has extensive experience in law enforcement, which can successfully carry out its activities within the framework of the detective agency . And even if there is a need to clarify the question of infidelity , you can count on our full support and assistance .

We use in our work exclusively individual approach, taking into account all the nuances of any order . Especially when it comes to the question of loyalty checks . For us it is very important in this case to understand the nature of the person you want to check his vital preferences and other things that are already being discussed directly with the client. In the case where it is quite clear that the husband or wife is cheating on her husband was convicted of his wife's infidelity , it usually leads to the rupture of family relations. But even in a divorce because of infidelity women , we can still provide you with expert assistance in the face of our lawyers . We can be helpful to you even in a situation when you want to know the name of your wife's lover

Technical equipment

Private detective work in Chervonograd is simply impossible without the use of professional equipment , which enables high quality photo - video surveillance, especially if you need the most detailed surveillance of a person . Concerning antiproslushek we can only give you professional advice , but also be able to detect wiretapping cell phones and give a detailed search for bugs . The use of lie detector will let you find out you lied to a loved one or a co-worker at work, or it just fell victim to certain circumstances .

To search for people , we can use not only their own databases , but also our close collaboration with colleagues around the world. It is only the family can begin the search in Chervonograd , and rarely ends up at the other end of the planet. Especially if you want to find a person by phone number, you have not seen for many years. Of course, to find someone by the name we carry out a thorough collection of information , and not rarely address set on the phone , or even phone numbers of people around the bases .

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Julia Andriivna

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Grateful client

A huge thank you, as well, and your team for a very comprehensive answer. You helped me a lot, will be glad to contact you for further assistance. Thank you and Happy New Year! Everything has been received,…


Sergei Petrovich

With a private detective agency "Private detective Lions' our company has successfully cooperated for a fairly long period of time in the field testing of our staff. During the period of our work we…



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