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Hodorov - areas of private detectives

HodorovDetective Agency " Private detective Lions ' long enough operates in many cities of Ukraine , including in Hodorov . During this time we were able to gain valuable work experience, which is so necessary in a detective agency . The more so because almost every one of our private detective is a former law enforcement officer , which was for us a further advantage .

The structure of our team consists of a variety of professionals : lawyers, analysts , psychologists , experts in the field of IT, medical experts and many others. Thus, we can help you not only in the issue associated with infidelity , but also in matters that relate to search for people by name or when conducting surveillance of the man.

The geography of our work

You can contact our detective agency in Hodorov regardless of its location , because all over the country are distributed representation detective agency " Private detective Lions ." And even in those cases when it is necessary to carry out search of people abroad , we can connect to this issue of our colleagues who work with around the world.

Services detective agency in Hodorov

Our detective agency provides information, legal and analytical services . Both in business and in private life. We take the solution of even the most unusual questions that may relate to identify her husband's infidelity , or check loyalty to the person with whom you are not married . The area of human relations is quite specific and requires special professional approach. But our experts possess all the necessary qualities and knowledge to help in a divorce as a result of infidelity women . If you just can not accept the fact that your significant other is cheating on you ladle , we recommend that you contact our psychologist in family matters . Moreover, the specialist will help you not only survive the betrayal of her husband or wife , but also give advice on parenting or other complex relationships.

We guarantee complete confidentiality , no matter which one should you order you contacted us . And if you caught his wife in adultery, then none of us will ever know who was her lover.

Protecting Your Business

Detective Agency " Private detective Lviv" strongly recommends that all businesses at all levels to ensure the safety of your database if you do not want it to fall into the hands of spies and criminals. Call us and we 'll show you how this can be done , as well as to advise on the setting antiproslushki if you do not already have one .

Take advantage of our technical equipment and staff expertise to carry out inspection of premises to identify the bug . In this direction, we are always pursuing a range of activities from which to search for bugs , making can always detect eavesdropping of mobile phones.

To understand what the situation is in your company, we recommend that you install in the office photo - video surveillance , and to work with examples of candidates for some posts will not be superfluous to use and polygraph test . Practice shows that the lie detector - this is a machine that does not let you down in a difficult situation.

Call us to find a person by phone number or by phone databases of people. We will conduct a thorough collection of information and will make every effort to find the right name for your rights. According to the same principles we produce search of relatives with whom you may have not seen .

Carefully check against your contact details to not making mistakes. Otherwise we will not be able to answer you. If in the course of the day with you will not be contacted by our representatives, please call on the phone mentioned on the website and let us know

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Grateful client

A huge thank you, as well, and your team for a very comprehensive answer. You helped me a lot, will be glad to contact you for further assistance. Thank you and Happy New Year! Everything has been received,…



Feeling the need for the services of a private detective (suspicions of infidelity of his wife), I had to resort to them. All confirmed, his wife became a "former". And the agency honor and respect.


Sergei Petrovich

With a private detective agency "Private detective Lions' our company has successfully cooperated for a fairly long period of time in the field testing of our staff. During the period of our work we…



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