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How often many of us do not even think about the consequences of our actions. And often there are times when a person understands that he could avoid certain problems and difficulties by taking just one right step. It is one thing when these consequences are not so critical, but there are also cases when, in the literal sense of the word, a person’s life can collapse. You can, for example, take treason, which was committed unknowingly. The natural culprit of such a "triumph" will worry that if his other half finds out about it, then, most likely, this threatens with divorce due to treason. It’s not always possible to hide such things with their own forces and cover up the tracks. But no matter how strange it may seem, however, in the detective agency in the city of Nemyriv, Lviv region, you can order an alibi. We will create such a cover for you that you yourself will believe that you did not have treason, and not just your wife or husband. However, we perform such actions exclusively in situations where it is necessary to restore a person’s name. But if you have committed some crime, then we will not be able to help you.

Naturally, you can seek our help if you need to resolve the opposite question - to identify spousal infidelity. And in principle, this service is in greatest demand. However, it is worth saying that the detection of treason does not say that the suspected person is really cheating. Even if you have the slightest doubt, for example, your soulmate began to behave somehow strangely or more often became absent from home, then you can already contact us. But this does not mean at all that your wife really has a lover. Our task is precisely to find out the truth. It is better that detectives deal with these issues, since self-monitoring of a husband or wife’s telephone most often does not bring any results. We not only guarantee complete confidentiality in this matter, but also the fact that your soulmate will not even know about your appeal to us. After all, if it turns out that your wife or husband does not betray you, then the fact of suspicion surfacing to the surface can still ruin your relationship. And you will always have time to file for a divorce.

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Greater vigilance on the issue of fidelity should be shown in relations with their employees. No matter what your loyal subordinates were and what achievements they did not carry out within your company, you should never forget that they may turn out to be spies introduced by your competitors. Here we can use a whole range of measures aimed at ensuring the maximum information security of your team. At a minimum, in this case, it is necessary to conduct a periodic polygraph check of each employee. And the most ideal scenario is the use of a lie detector even at the interview stage. But it is also very important to pay attention to the search for bugs. On your own, with all your desire, you will not be able to detect wiretapping of mobile phones. But in cooperation with our specialists, you will be able to periodically check the premises for identification of listening devices. Regularity is important in order to detect newly appeared bugs in time. After all, such things are comparable to the dust that appears, some time after wiping.

And of course, private detectives of our agency in the city of Nemyriv, Lviv region are engaged in tracing people. But we are not just looking for relatives of the missing, or the search for criminals. You can even contact us to solve such trivial issues as finding a person by phone number or last name.

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