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Not once have we heard the question for that why go to the detective agency in Sambor, if you can just come to the law enforcement authorities or other organizations that specialize in the solution , such as legal issues. We can say with confidence , relying on their own practice, is that many of those who ask such questions, then still called the detective agency " Private detective Lions " with a request to help . This is mainly due to the fact that the law enforcement agencies do not always have the time or staff to do the application promptly .

Our advantage in this regard is that we are starting to fulfill all orders as soon as they are received by us. Our detective agency in Sambor focuses on purely individual approach to cooperation with customers and efficiency in their work. A large staff of our staff allows us not to give up any kind of work , if it is of a criminal nature . We are ready to make every effort to produce identification betrayal of her husband or wife at the same level as that will treat rapid search of people who may have gone missing under unclear reasons .

Photo- video surveillance in Sambor and other cities

Private detective work mainly is associated with exactly surveillance of human and other such investigative measures . Such methods work in different areas of our business , but only in the framework of the law. Naturally, the convict a person of adultery without a monitor it is simply impossible. The more often a divorce because of infidelity women require some evidence.

These techniques work of detective agency " Private detective Lions " are categorized collection of information that can be carried out on people , organizations, events and other important events for our client. But we strongly recommend that you engage an independent external monitoring the phone its second half , and in principle for a husband or wife. This , at least, can lead to the fact that you just can not get full of reliable information , and just may be caught in the act. Therefore, all the issues related to the test of loyalty, betrayal identifying the husband or wife , checking who is who and when and how to change the name of her lover , it is best left to professionals at our level .

Do you use antiproslushku ?

Even if you do not have your own business , and you is not running any special purpose structures , it does not mean that you do not look at someone's spies . Protect yourself from other people's interference in their lives and make our test facilities to detect eavesdropping devices . A thorough and professional search for bugs allow us to detect wiretapping cell phones and any other devices installed in your car or home intruders .

Lie detector - the guarantor of fraud

Polygraph testing always will reveal whether the person is honest to you. Our equipment is used fairly compact, which allows us to provide this service not only in our office, but also in customers . Thus , you can use our resources for employment candidates are serious job in your company or in fact of embezzlement in the workplace. Call us and we will check all of your employees.

If you need to find someone by the name of
Finding relatives

Have lost touch with their classmates or just old friends ? Not a problem ! We will make every effort to find a person by phone number , or to search for people by name. When searching for relatives we use our database as well as produce some work on databases of phone numbers of people , it also allows us to set the address on the phone.

Carefully check against your contact details to not making mistakes. Otherwise we will not be able to answer you. If in the course of the day with you will not be contacted by our representatives, please call on the phone mentioned on the website and let us know

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