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Professional help of private detectives in Township


Detective Agency " Private detective Lviv" has been in business on the territory of Ukraine , with its own representative offices not only in major cities , but also in such localities as town . So if you live in this city and in your life must be part detective agency to produce a high-quality collection of information , or there was a need to work on databases of phone numbers of people , then do not delay with a call to us. The key to success of our private detectives is efficiency , professionalism and complete confidentiality in the performance brand of any order , whether it's adultery , or simply search for bugs .

Private Detective - your true friend

Not always and not all problems can be trusted even to their closest friends. Not with each friend you can share your doubts on the subject that you change the husband . And not every one will appreciate your feelings about what might your wife had a lover . But in our detective agency in town, you can get not only the professional support of a qualified psychologist , but also we can make the necessary arrangements to identify her husband's infidelity or faithfulness check your bride , as long as you have not yet tied the knot .

If you need to leave for a business trip or any other emergency visit , which can not be delayed , and you have to hire a nanny for your child , our staff can help you organize your photos , video surveillance and total control over the activities of the new man in your house. Any activities related to the surveillance of a person , we produce exclusively in accordance with the law.

We guarantee the quality of

Every employee who works in our detective agency , is distinguished not only by their professionalism and experience , but also a great responsibility and decency sweat relation to each client. We take special orders in tact associated with cheating husband or wife during counseling women divorce because of infidelity .

And if in your company you already use antiprosshku , we still recommend that you carry out periodic inspections of premises to detect listening devices . This is due to the fact that technology is evolving every day , and you've installed equipment already yesterday may just be useless against spyware installed base today . We are constantly transaction for updates on this "market" of espionage and perform detection wiretapping cell phones and search for bugs only the most modern and reliable equipment .

Finding relatives

You can also be assured of the quality of our work lie detector . Used this technique in a variety of situations : when investigating a crime , when applying for a job, when tested for their loyalty and under any other circumstances . If you need a polygraph test , we will not ask too many questions , but simply help you to resolve the issue. This is our position , and during the search of people . Our staff will immediately begin a search for relatives or to address the problems associated with how to find a person by phone number without asking you any questions , if they do not directly search for people by name.

So if you need to find someone by the name , but you do not want other people to know all the details and reasons for your desire , just call us. We will set the address on the phone , using the appropriate database.

Carefully check against your contact details to not making mistakes. Otherwise we will not be able to answer you. If in the course of the day with you will not be contacted by our representatives, please call on the phone mentioned on the website and let us know

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Establish surveillance of a person

One way to find out certain information about a person is to establish professional surveillance after him. The reasons for such a step can be very different depending on the situation.


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Women are peculiar and even allowed to have secrets from their beloved. But not infrequently their ladies' secrets cause serious quarrels and divorces, because they provoke jealousy on the part of a man, even if such feelings are completely groundless.





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