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Professional detective agency in Drogobic


Live in the city and look for Drogobic detective agency , who would you trust to solve their problems and issues ? Then just call the detective agency " Private detective Lions ." A large staff of highly qualified staff allows us to work in several directions . Thus, we are ready to provide your use of the polygraph , if you need to find out how true the information from one person or another . And while you can also take advantage of our experts in such areas as : graphological analysis , collection services , preparation of identikit test of loyalty , finding bugs and more.

Lead times

To talk about specific dates in our work is difficult, because each case is individual . And if you figure out the issue with infidelity in some cases it is possible for a few hours , then collect the information needed to search for relatives , your family ties which broke off a few decades ago , it may take much longer. But the detective agency " Private detective Lions ' ensures that our staff will begin immediately to fulfill your order after asking of the necessary nuances.

The geography of our detective agency

Detective Agency " Private detective Lions ' works not only within the city Drogobic , but even outside of Ukraine. So, if you are just a housewife and doubt the correctness of the elect , which is very often away on business trips , we can take action to identify her husband's infidelity , wherever he may be. The same goes for , if a woman changes . We can also establish the identity of her lover, and give it a full and relevant information for you . Although experience shows that most often the result of such investigations is a divorce because of infidelity women .

The professionalism and technical equipment
Lie detector

Besides the fact that every member of our detective agency in Drogobic has substantial experience in law enforcement , we also use the most modern and professional equipment, which enables us to produce high-quality and operational checks of premises to identify the listening device , provides an opportunity to detect any conditions wiretapping mobile phones , to carry out a polygraph test .

In this case, we always say that not all cases antiproslushka can solve the problem of surveillance for a man. It is important to carry out checks on the search for bugs at regular intervals . And here alone surveillance is simply not enough, unless the question is not about his wife's infidelity to her husband.

And if you fear that some spy photos is up to you - video monitoring , you can also count on our support . We can not only reveal the fact of observation , but also find out who is encroaching on your privacy. If necessary, we can find a person by phone number or find out his address on the phone.

So if you need to find someone by the name of old friends or just to search for people by name , do not waste time . Just call us now. We have a private buzu data , which allows search of people , in whatever place in the world they may be.

Carefully check against your contact details to not making mistakes. Otherwise we will not be able to answer you. If in the course of the day with you will not be contacted by our representatives, please call on the phone mentioned on the website and let us know

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